We’re Not Just Streamlining the RFP Process, We’re Revolutionizing It!

Posted by PlanFees on Sep 18, 2023 11:49:45 AM

RFP Express is a game changer for retirement plan advisors who want to provide higher touch service and grow their book of business. While customary live bid benchmarks will always have a place in maintaining plan compliance, RFP Express gives advisors a means of generating fast, accurate and revealing benchmarks in between taking plans to market every three to five years. Here are just a few reasons why this revolutionary platform is so different.

Exceptional Speed

You can generate pricing on-demand from top providers you know and trust — and receive custom quotes in as little as 24 hours. Get the information you need quickly, including each recordkeeper’s investment lineup, to present to plan sponsors and stakeholders. Save time and enjoy unparalleled convenience with RFP Express.

Easy to Use

With a simple, intuitive interface, you’ll have valuable, actionable insights in your hands by inputting just a few data points — a far cry from the vast amounts of detail required in a traditional RFP process. Use Prism Total Fees Benchmarking to perform a quick fee checkup, and then follow up and dig deeper with RFP Express.

 Easy to Read

Your clients won’t have to sift through excessive amounts of information to gauge the competitiveness of their fees. Plan sponsors have a lot on their plates, but RRP Express lets you dish up an easy-to-digest fee, investment and service comparison report to share with sponsors of any plan size.

More Powerful Prospecting

Often, capitalizing on prospecting opportunities requires quick action and the ability to promptly provide reliable information to plan sponsors and key decision-makers. Customizable with your own branding, RFP Express reports can be used as a robust sales resource to help give you a leg up when prospecting for your next client.

Instant Quotes From Top Providers

With RFP Express, you’ll gain access to exclusive pricing scenarios from industry leaders including VOYA, Fidelity, John Hancock, T. Rowe Price, Transamerica, Ascensus and many more. This innovative platform contains plan-specific pricing algorithms from top recordkeepers, enabling instant quotes for plans with assets up to $10 million or more.

Benchmark Better

RPAG’s mission is to provide elite retirement plan advisors with the most comprehensive suite of technology, resources and solutions to help them create better plan outcomes for clients and plan participants. And RFP Express, developed by PlanFees, marks an exciting step forward in that pursuit with the creation of the industry’s most accurate and efficient RFP system. It joins the RPAG Provider Analysis™ live-bid RFP system, and the PlanFees Prism™ annual fee benchmarking system to round out the firm’s proprietary Fee Benchmarking Suite. “We haven’t seen a response to a product like this ever before,” says Luke Vandermillen Jr., Sr. Associate, New Business Development, at RPAG. “This is the missing piece advisors have been waiting for.”

Get on board RFP Express today.

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