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Retirement Plan Advisor using PlanFees and making dollar bills fall down

Use Inbound Marketing to Build Your Book of Business

Most retirement plan advisors are well-acquainted with typical outbound, outreach-based methods of generating leads, such as cold calling, traditional advertising and email. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, presents an alternative prospecting technique that can offer unique advantages and is highly scalable.

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401(k) Advisors prospecting for new business via email marketing

Effective Marketing Tactics for 401(k) Advisors

Prospecting emails can play an important role in your marketing funnel as a retirement plan advisor. Other than your blog, email is the only marketing platform that you truly own (sorry Zuckerberg). It also helps that it’s inexpensive, easy to implement and readily allows for automation and integration into your CRM. Moreover, a thoughtful email campaign can help cultivate and strengthen your relationship with potential clients over time — or, it can have the opposite effect if you carpet-bomb their inbox or saddle them with spam.

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