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Basketball falling out of hoop

Become a Retirement Plan Baller — With PlanFees

Like in basketball, as a retirement plan advisor, you have to coordinate with a team — a recordkeeper, TPA, HR, the plan sponsor and more — to achieve top performance for the participants counting on you. But to be a baller on the court, or as a retirement plan pro, you’ve got to be able to size up situations accurately in real time, pass critical information to sponsors and other members of the team and respond quickly to achieve top performance for your plan.

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Scattered gifts

Elevating Retirement Planning | The Client Gifts That Matter Most

As the year draws to a close, our minds turn to the tangible tokens of appreciation we often give our clients. But once the fruitcake is long gone and the holiday festivities fade into memory, the enduring needs of retirement plan clients remain. And that’s when an advisor’s true value really comes to the fore. Because it’s the ongoing, intangible gifts of exceptional service that resonate throughout the year and help lay the foundation for long-lasting partnerships — and more successful retirement plan outcomes.

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The Advisor Toolkit for Small Business Retirement Plan Success

As a retirement plan advisor, you know small business clients can face unique challenges. With typically fewer resources to dedicate to managing retirement plans, they may rely even more heavily on your expertise and resources to guide them. For that reason, you need to be particularly mindful of efficiency — and equip yourself with the best tools available. Leveraging PlanFees’ suite of benchmarking solutions can help you provide a higher level of service without dedicating copious man-hours to help ensure clients’ plans stay competitive and compliant.

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an employee staying in the workforce beyond their retirement date

Live Long and Prosper? A Tough Task for Sponsors

As we live longer, more employees are staying in the workforce beyond their anticipated retirement date, a trend that demographers expect to continue until near the end of this decade.1 While some workers voluntarily choose to continue working, for many, staying in the workforce is a necessity. When surveyed, 57% of finance executives said they believed delayed retirement was primarily due to inadequate savings, forcing employees to stay on the job past their desired retirement date.2

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