Become a Retirement Plan Baller — With PlanFees

Posted by PlanFees on Mar 14, 2024 7:58:00 AM

Like in basketball, as a retirement plan advisor, you have to coordinate with a team — a recordkeeper, TPA, HR, the plan sponsor and more — to achieve top performance for the participants counting on you. But to be a baller on the court, or as a retirement plan pro, you’ve got to be able to size up situations accurately in real time, pass critical information to sponsors and other members of the team and respond quickly to achieve top performance for your plan.

Benchmark With Buzzer Beating Speed
As an advisor, the shot clock is always running. RFP Express lets you obtain detailed quotes in real time from top recordkeepers you know and trust. It’s your fast break to a higher level of client service. Don’t be sidelined waiting weeks for a live bid benchmark. Stay in the game with instant recordkeeping quotes when they’re a match for a provider’s pricing parameters — or within 24-48 hours when a custom quote is needed.

Play Some Serious D 
Acquiring new clients often requires considerable time and resources, so you want to do all you can to keep every single one you’ve got. Competitors won’t stand a chance at busting your bracket when you guard sponsors’ fees with a convenient annual benchmark you can provide in minutes with PlanFees Total Fees Benchmarking. If your client gets approached by another advisor asking about their recordkeeping and administrative costs, you can rest assured that you’ve kept them in the know — and taken extra steps to keep their fees reasonable.

Offer Up Game-changing Assists
Agility is a plus on the court and off. With PlanFees, you're equipped to assist sponsors in navigating the complexities of plan management with greater agility. Whether it's adapting to regulatory changes or optimizing plan design, your ability to provide swift and data-driven guidance can make all the difference. PlanFees helps you analyze and act on financial shifts that could affect retirement plans, ensuring you're always ready to make the game-changing play.

Rebound with Robust Reporting
PlanFees’ powerful reporting tools empower advisors to respond to evolving client needs with comprehensive, clear and concise reporting that allow sponsors to make necessary strategic moves. With PlanFees, you're not just handing off data, you're turning information into actionable insights to help ensure your clients can navigate market fluctuations and changing business conditions with greater confidence and precision.

Compete and Win … With PlanFees
As a retirement plan advisor, you’ve got to keep the ball moving and steer clear of technical fouls from high fees. Assist your clients with MVP-level strategies — and slam dunk the competition when the game is on the line.

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