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Get (Back) Onboard RFP Express!

If you’re still lingering on the platform, it’s time to depart on a high-speed journey to revolutionize your advisory practice. RFP Express, the game-changing tool for retirement plan advisors, has revolutionized the quoting process, making it simpler, faster and more efficient for busy advisors like you to get the information you need to improve plan outcomes. Here’s a quick reminder of its unparalleled benefits and some exciting updates you might have missed.

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Tackling High Fees With Prism & RFP Express

Ensuring that PlanFees are reasonable is one of the most important responsibilities as a retirement plan advisor. Excessive fees can negatively impact retirement savings, impacting plan performance and possibly resulting in legal issues. Having reliable tools at your fingertips is essential for executing your fiduciary duty in an efficient and effective manner. We will go over how advisors can be supported by Prism Total Fees and RFP Express to perform fast fee audits, identify the underlying causes of excessive fees, and implement practical measures to control and openly discuss fees.

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We’re Not Just Streamlining the RFP Process, We’re Revolutionizing It!

RFP Express is a game changer for retirement plan advisors who want to provide higher touch service and grow their book of business. While customary live bid benchmarks will always have a place in maintaining plan compliance, RFP Express gives advisors a means of generating fast, accurate and revealing benchmarks in between taking plans to market every three to five years. Here are just a few reasons why this revolutionary platform is so different.

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RFP Express: Real Quotes at the Speed of Light

Keeping fees reasonable is a top concern for retirement plan sponsors. Rapid and accurate fee benchmarking is one of the best ways to help make sure clients aren’t paying excessive fees — and it can serve as a valuable prospecting tool to build your book of business.

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