Use Inbound Marketing to Build Your Book of Business

Posted by PlanFees on Oct 27, 2021 7:37:00 AM

Most retirement plan advisors are well-acquainted with typical outbound, outreach-based methods of generating leads, such as cold calling, traditional advertising and email. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, presents an alternative prospecting technique that can offer unique advantages and is highly scalable.


Inbound strategies, although often a less targeted tactic than outbound, can cast a wide net for acquiring new business. Popular inbound approaches include:


  • Gated web content. Offer an informative white paper or infographic that visitors can download from your website, which requires them to provide an email address or other contact information.
  • Blogging. Create a steady stream of content to improve your online visibility through SEO by writing about topics of interest to potential clients and using related keywords they’re likely to search for.
  • YouTube videos and podcasting. Connect with prospects more personally with either (or both of) these inbound techniques. Use your platform to answer viewers’ and listeners’ pressing questions.

As of PlanFees subscriber, you have a powerful inbound marketing tool at your disposal to differentiate yourself from the competition. You already know that you can use PlanFees to create a custom benchmark quickly and easily to provide your clients an apples-to-apples comparison between their retirement plan fees and those of similar plans. Of course, you might offer a potential client a free benchmark over a lunch meeting or phone call — but you can also leverage PlanFees PrismTM as an inbound digital marketing tactic to attract prospects 24/7.


To do this, create a landing page on your website, where visitors can receive the benchmark in exchange for entering contact information and a fee disclosure. Once you’re notified of their request via a web form, run the report and then follow up with your prospect through the email or phone number they provided online. By connecting the landing page with your CRM, you can put your prospects into your sales funnel and database. You can even direct visitors to your landing page with Google Ads or from a QR code on a business card or brochure.


If you don’t have access to a web developer, predesigned templates are available online that allow you to create landing pages quickly and easily. Or your web hosting company may be able to assist you — for example, GoDaddy offers a “Hire an Expert” service. It’s generally best to require as little information as is necessary on your contact form to encourage sign-ups. You can also have an automatic opt-in for your newsletter, but be sure to give visitors the ability to opt out — and also with every email newsletter — to avoid running afoul of CAN-SPAM requirements.


Your landing page can prospect for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — with no need to get past a gatekeeper manning a phone line. Because a PlanFees benchmark can be done in minutes, it’s a time-efficient means of adding a steady stream of warm leads to your sales funnel.


And just like that, you’ve pivoted from hawking to helping — and positioned yourself as a valuable source of information to potential clients.


The PlanFees benchmark universe is based on a live-bid quote database from over 60,000 retirement plans with more than half a trillion dollars in total assets, offering an unprecedented degree of accuracy. The PlanFees Prism™ benchmark breaks down the four main components of a retirement plan’s total fees — investment fees, record-keeping fees, TPA/administrative fees and advisory/consulting fees in a clear and professional report that will impress your prospects. 


Benchmark better AND prospect better with PlanFees.


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