PlanFees and RPAG: Better Together

Posted by PlanFees on Mar 14, 2022 11:26:36 AM

Isn’t it great when things work well together? Maybe it’s the way your desktop and mobile ecosystem synchronizes across all your devices and applications, simplifying and optimizing their utility. Or perhaps you have a service provider who thoroughly understands your business and integrates seamlessly with the organization. That kind of well-oiled, frictionless fusion can enhance productivity and make your life a whole lot easier.

As a busy financial professional, you should expect the same level of convenience from your advisory tools and technologies. And now, with the combined power of RPAG and PlanFees, you can enjoy just that with brand new integrations between these two powerful resources. Pull plan information directly from the RPAG advisor portal into a PlanFees report with just a few clicks. What’s more, you can just as easily insert the PlanFees output into an RPAG report, making the most robust practice management platform in the retirement industry even more streamlined and efficient.

If you want to pump up your RPAG reporting with powerful benchmarking data, simply select a client or prospect from the advisor portal and choose the plan you’d like to run the report on; then choose PlanFees Prism from the reporting section. From there, the tool automatically imports all of the plan information you’ve chosen from RPAG. Whether it’s investment, recordkeeping, TPA fees or advisory fee information — all of this data automatically pulls into the report. You can then download the file for on-screen display or printing.

Adding a PlanFees report into various RPAG deliverables is also fast and convenient. Within the listing of modules on the RPAG portal, just select the fees category and choose PlanFees Prism from the dropdown menu. The PlanFees module is then added — and it can be dragged and dropped anywhere within the RPAG report.

The whole process is quick and easy, and can be done whenever and wherever you happen to be — whether in a client meeting, on the go, or from the comfort of your office. The integration of these two powerful platforms saves you time in report building, while providing greater fee transparency to your client or prospect. Most importantly, that time savings translates to hours that can be invested in providing higher touch client service or building your book of business.

With this powerful, two-pronged solution, PlanFees and RPAG can help you win and retain business while promoting better outcomes for plan sponsors and participants. The retirement industry’s best reporting platform just got even better.

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