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PlanFees and RPAG: Better Together

Isn’t it great when things work well together? Maybe it’s the way your desktop and mobile ecosystem synchronizes across all your devices and applications, simplifying and optimizing their utility. Or perhaps you have a service provider who thoroughly understands your business and integrates seamlessly with the organization. That kind of well-oiled, frictionless fusion can enhance productivity and make your life a whole lot easier.

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Businessman setting himself apart utilizing PlanFees

How to Set Yourself Apart in the 401(k) Space

The retirement plan space is exciting, challenging and highly competitive. The rewards can be considerable, but it can also take significant effort to achieve and maintain them. One of the best strategies for doing just that is to clearly define your value proposition and differentiate yourself from the competition. Here are three ways to position your advisory offering to set yourself apart, build your professional brand and grow your book of business.

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Wealth Manager Jumping To Retirement Plan Advisor

Making the Jump From Wealth Management to Retirement Plan Advisor

You’ve built up a respectable wealth management practice over the years. And many of your clients are professionals who run companies of their own. One day, a business owner you advise approaches you about taking on their 401(k) plan and you’re intrigued. You’re excited to expand into this new and exciting practice area. You’ve always been passionate about helping clients achieve a successful retirement, and this is another way to do that. Yet there are ERISA compliance issues to contend with, participant education and engagement considerations and all your additional fiduciary duties — particularly when it comes to keeping fees reasonable and transparent. Didn’t you just read about another excessive fee lawsuit in the Wall Street Journal?

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Client talking to advisor about fees

PlanFees in Practice: Changing the Conversation

You already know PlanFees is an essential tool for benchmarking your fees when closing the deal with a new client — but the power of PlanFees can also help you retain those clients you’ve worked so hard to sign. Luke Vandermillen, New Business Development Associate at , PlanFees, loves collecting success stories from advisors across the nation. As a lead on the business development team, he’s always on the move with his ear to the ground, tapping into the real-life success stories he hears from retirement plan advisors across the U.S.

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Productivity sign pointing to PlanFees

Pump up Your Productivity in 2022 With PlanFees

The new year traditionally brings increased focus on goals and priority setting — as well as greater scrutiny on time management as a tool to help maximize those efforts. As a retirement plan advisor, you’re well aware of the many demands that compete for your time and attention including — but not limited to:

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Retirement Plan Fees Spelled Out in Wooden Blocks

Flip the Script on Retirement Plan Fees

A retirement plan advisor’s job is multifaceted and complex. And without the right information at your disposal, it’s challenging to communicate the breadth and depth of your services — especially compared to competing providers or for similar plans. But with Prism365, the newest PlanFees benchmarking module, retirement plan advisors can quickly, easily and accurately benchmark advisory fees.

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Retirement Plan Advisor using PlanFees and making dollar bills fall down

Use Inbound Marketing to Build Your Book of Business

Most retirement plan advisors are well-acquainted with typical outbound, outreach-based methods of generating leads, such as cold calling, traditional advertising and email. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, presents an alternative prospecting technique that can offer unique advantages and is highly scalable.

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401(k) Advisors prospecting for new business via email marketing

Effective Marketing Tactics for 401(k) Advisors

Prospecting emails can play an important role in your marketing funnel as a retirement plan advisor. Other than your blog, email is the only marketing platform that you truly own (sorry Zuckerberg). It also helps that it’s inexpensive, easy to implement and readily allows for automation and integration into your CRM. Moreover, a thoughtful email campaign can help cultivate and strengthen your relationship with potential clients over time — or, it can have the opposite effect if you carpet-bomb their inbox or saddle them with spam.

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