Don’t Let High Fees Become a Horror Show for Your Retirement Plan

Posted by PlanFees on Oct 24, 2023 7:44:00 PM

It’s that time of year when it feels like ghouls and dark forces could be lurking around every corner, ready to strike. You think you’re safe, but are you really? Your heart pounds as you feel them getting closer and closer. It’s not … it can’t be … no, not HIGH PLAN FEES!!!

Like a chilling Freddie Krueger nightmare, fear of an underperforming plan — or worse yet, the specter of litigation in the form of a 401(k) lawsuit — can haunt the dreams of every responsible retirement plan advisor. So who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters can’t banish your clients’ fee fears, but you can summon the power of PlanFees. With our unique brew of benchmarking tools, high fees are busted!

Take a Plan’s Pulse With Prism Total Fees Benchmarking

Powered by RPAG, PlanFees’ monstrously accurate fee benchmarking platform, Prism Total Fees Benchmarking, lets you accurately assess how a plan’s investment, administrative, recordkeeping and advisory fees stack up against those of similar plans. With just the data from a fee disclosure statement, you’ll be able to take a plan’s pulse in minutes and determine whether further investigation or action is warranted.

Let Plan Sponsors Sink Their Teeth Into Prism365 

igh advisory fees can send shivers down the spines of plan sponsors, and have a chilling effect on the growth of your practice. But you can make client concerns about advisor fees vanish like a ghost before their very eyes. Prism365 lets you benchmark 15 advisory services and frequencies across five key performance areas. You can even enter custom services that set you apart from the competition. Let your clients and prospects sink their teeth into the value you add to their plan with the breadth and depth of your advisory offering.  

Grave Fee Concerns? Dig Deeper With RFP Express

RFP Express gives you access to exclusive pricing scenarios from the industry’s top providers. Get quotes from names you know and trust, and generate custom pricing in 24-48 hours to build your book of business. Once high fees are flagged, you can dig even deeper with RFP Express by providing plan sponsors with quick, accurate and actionable information.

Walk Toward the Light

Fee compression, fierce competition and an increasingly litigious environment can leave many retirement plan advisors shaking in their shoes. But you don’t need to be one of them. There’s no need for garlic, silver bullets or magic potions to fight back against the menace of high fees. All you really need is to Benchmark Better With PlanFees.

Happy Halloween from all of us at PlanFees and RPAG!

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